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1 Gig upgrade - speed issue

Tuning in

Hi guys.

As I got such great support previously I thought I'd come back and chase up another issue I have.

So after my last issue I managed to get my package on a new contract.

1gig volt with TV and phone, so here goes.

Since install of the new router virgin sent me to support a 1000mb/s connection I have a lowerdown rate than on my previous contract.

Currently recieve between 10-90Mbps.

I have contacted customer services, they say there is no issues their end and that it must be an issue at my side.

An engineer has been and checked everything, she says it's all fine and has reported no issues to virgin, although while the engineer was here my down rate was still max 240Mbps, bear in mind that's the highest it has been since Install but is no where near that now. (Checked 3 minutes ago to show I am only getting 21Mbps).

Wifi devices myside are wifi6 so there shouldn't be an issue with WiFi.

Ethernet connections are all 2.5gbps so no suitability issues with hard connections.

Data just isn't recieved at the rate it should be.

Customer serives has placed a monitor on the connection to monitor any drops in speed on the line and it can take upto 30 days for a resolution, I am 2 days from my cooling period.

Everything has been checked and checked again my end I cannot possibly see an issue with my hardware, virgin says its not them,so where is the middle ground?

I'm at a bit of a loss, leave now? before my cooling off period ends or wait past it for the monitor to show issues but still have the can kicked down the road to get a resolution and be stuck in contract.

Losing my faith.

Any suggestions given that I could use on customer services to get a resolution in this sooner than later would be apretiated.




[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]



 the remainder of morning before heading out.


Hi @payne2k 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

I'll PM you now to assist further.

Forum Team

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