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Virgin sales agent skulking on my property

Tuning in

I want to check that a door sales agent which visited my property a few minutes ago is genuine.  I didn't answer the door or speak to him, but have recordings of him on 2 security cameras.  He walked up my drive, hesitated near the front door and then looked down the side of my house and walked down there - did not knock or ring the door bell.  He then walked around to the back door, obviously looking at my garden and shed and those of my neighbours.  He then knocked at the back door quietly- ignoring the doorbell.  He then spent about 20 seconds having more of a look around the back gardens, before returning around the side of my house to the front door to post a card through the front door - still not knocking or ringing the doorbell.  He was wearing a red virgin fleece.  The virgin sales card has a name and mobile number on it.  I want to find out if he's genuine and make a complaint about him.  His weird behaviour makes it obvious that he's sneaking around looking for things to steal, and in any case I have prominent notices on the front door stating that I do not want any door sales people to disturb me and do not want junk mail.

The name on the card is [MOD EDIT: PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED] and the phone number on the card is [MOD EDIT: PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED] 

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On our wavelength

Probably quite legitimate, he may have been checking that your property could be cabled up and was ascertaining routes for the cable. Odd he didn’t ring the bell, but maybe thought you wouldn’t be interested but wanted to check the arrangements for neighbours who may be.

Incidentally, the sign saying that you want no junk mail or sales people has absolutely no legal standing - it means nothing other than you probably won’t engage with a door sales person so they might as well not waste their time. Anyone can knock on your door and/or post anything they want through your letterbox - you don’t have to engage with them.

What a strange response.  So you'd be fine with a stranger walking straight onto your back garden, obviously taking their time to examine your property without even knocking at the front door? 


Btw I've had virgin before.  No one needs to be looking for cables etc.  Everything is visible from the street outside.

Tuning in

I've had no response at all from virgin advisors here (except to remove his name and phone number from my post) so I will be posting the security footage and his details onto the next door app to warn neighbours of this scammer who doesn't knock on the front door (as a genuine person would) but wanders through gates onto people's private back gardens and also reporting him to the police.  BTW I have found him on Facebook with the name he used on the card, so it's probable he does genuinely work for virgin.

This is very much the level of support I would expect from virgin - extremely poor.

Alessandro Volta

It can take several days before you get a reply from a VM forum team person on here.

I tend to agree that this is more likely to be a case of an over enthusiastic field sales rep checking for signs of recent VM / competitor installations and/or possible installation routes with a view to being as informed as possible when it came to the single chance commission-heavy doorstep sales pitch. He may still be a wolf in bright red VM clothing and the scouting around does seem excessive and inappropriate but burglars generally don't post calling cards through the door whilst wearing company uniform and in my experience even my Great Aunt Hetty would look a bit sus when viewed via CCTV. 

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Hi @smish 👋

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

If the Sales agent left a card with his details then I would be inclined to say they do work for us. 

I'll pop you a 📩 PM now to obtain the details and double check for you. 

Speak soon!

Forum Team

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Do you train your sales agents not to knock when they visit a property?  Do you train them to ignore the publicly accessible front door and trespass through gates onto parts of customers property which are obviously private? How about ignoring notices on a customer's front door instructing sales people NOT to trespass and NOT to knock or ring the bell?  So not only has he not followed that request, but he invaded my privacy in a worse way!  No polite person would ever do this unless they had ulterior motives.  He wasn't looking for equipment at the back - what rubbish.  It's all at the front for my entire street.

I want to make a complaint to virgin directly about his behaviour.  I am not a customer.  How do I make a complaint?

I haven't had any PM and I included his name and phone number (from the card he left) in the original post.  His name is Glen [MOD EDIT: Personal details].

Thanks for coming back to me colleague @smish.

Do please liaise with them via the private message offered and we can ensure that all frustration and feedback in captured to prevent further episodes of a similar nature taking place.



Anyone monitoring this thread, this is the private message I received - unhelpful to say the least.  TLDR: He works for virgin. We don't care that he didn't knock and trespassed.  Make a complaint if you want, we won't help, even to give you an email address.  Thanks virgin! /s


  I can confirm this is a genuine staff member.  As suggested in the thread, it is likely he was looking around to assess the routes etc.   If you are unhappy and wish to raise a complaint, please refer to our complaints code of practice which outlines the complaints process in full -