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Is this a genuine text from Virgin?

Joining in

Unsolicited and no letter from Virgin re change as yet so is this genuine?

"Hi, it's Virgin Media. On 9th August 2023, your home phone service will be switched to our fibre network. We'll send you an adapter(s) as you need to connect your home phone to the Virgin Media Hub so you can continue using it. Reply with ACCEPT to be switched over or with CALLBACK if you need help."


Hi davidas99,

Thank you for reaching out to us  in our community and welcome back, when it comes to any correspondence you receive either Via Text or Email and you are not sure if it is us or the company it is saying it is from, always deal with an hair of caution and call the company/ us directly.

Without see the content of the Text we have no way of checking if it was from us, chances are it was a Phishing Text, you can find out more around dealing with Phishing mails/ Texts here.




I just got it. It says:

Hi there. Have you been happy with your broadband's reliability, coverage and speed over the last 7 days? Please reply with either YES or No.

it came from +447828 563699

On our wavelength

Just had same txt.



Had this text also just now, same as others.  Vague as its just come from a random number without any mention of who its from. Googling it brought me here..

Tuning in

Just got the same text message.

Googled the number led me here.

Also thought it was a competitor touting for business. (or some other scam)

I've just had exacty the same text from same no.  Googled it, found it was Virgin. Is Virgin unaware that not identifying who sends a text will result in few responses given the no. of scams on mobile phones?

Hi there. Have you been happy with your broadband's reliability, coverage, and speed over the last 7 days? Please reply with either YES or NO.

Hey @Salamh,

This text looks to be from us, if you ever are unsure if you are speaking to us or not, we recommend reporting this via our website here and we can look into this for you.


Just had the below text, too

A quick google also pulled up a page on it being a scam number!!!

If, as a customer, we are supposed to call every company that we receive a text off (just to check if it’s real) I have 2 requests;

1. Make it so we can talk to someone within seconds of calling - not have to jump through 15 rounds of ‘press 1 for…’

2. Pay me a wage to do your work!

Dont send stupid messages by text. Anyone following this up is likely to be more complacent with the next one that they receive!









A letter is not a text…doh!