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IPS Logs and Data Privacy

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Firstly, how often do VM clear IPS logs? They state in their privacy policy that they are required to retain information for a set period, but do not state the length of the period.

Secondly, for someone who is not the account holder, but uses the wifi within that home, would it be possible to request deletion of all data pertaining to me such as personal information, IP address logs, website history, etc? 

Thirdly, would it be possible to access an exact list of who VM shares (or has shared) my data with and what data?

As someone who deeply values data privacy, big companies like VM worry me in terms of how safe our data is, especially considering the number of ICO complaints they get over mishandled data every year.



The legal requirements for ISPs / Telcos are outlined in  : "Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act" 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Tj_07, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community and I am sorry you feel this way.

We can promise you that your date is secure as mentioned they are in our legal  T&C's here 

Any questions please fire away.

Matt - Forum Team

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Hi, thank you for replying.

How often are VM ISP logs cleared?

The law requires all ISPs to retain ‘connection data’ for one year. Connection data includes the source IP address, ie where you are connecting from, the destination address and port, which website you visited, how long for, and the amount of data transferred, but not the contents of the data as that would probably be encrypted anyway.

Now ISPs are allowed to retain this information indefinitely if they believe there is some commercial interest in it and they are not obliged to inform any one of this as it is commercially sensitive. But, storing it is expensive, so realistically they probably won’t want to keep, probably useless information for long anyway.

In answer to your other original questions, no you can’t request or demand that they delete information on ‘your’ use, in fact they wouldn’t obviously know it was you, all they can see is that a connection was made from the public IP address of the account holder, they won’t know which machine inside made the connection.

Similarly the answer to your third question is also no, they aren’t obliged to declare whether or not they share any data or with who.

Probably best to assume that every single intelligence agency in the world knows which web sites were visited by ‘someone’ in the house, and probably a number of marketing companies.

Hi @Anonymous 

I see @FlockWallpaper  has responded to your question but if you need any further assistance, let us know.

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