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Hi VM Community I keep getting locked out of my account and my connection a sky router is hacking me?

Just joined

On dual connection a Sky connection keeps showing up and I have had my ex cyberstalking me - I had a new hub 5 recently and this sky connection keeps showing up cannot access my VM router admin any more and keep getting locked out of my VM account - what can i do? 


Alessandro Volta

It's a bit hard to follow some of this description.

What does your introductory 'On dual connection ...' phrase mean? Do you have a VM and a Sky connection?

On the bottom of your Hub 5 should be a sticker as below

Are you using the settings password (underlined red above)? A common login failure on the hubs is that users try the wi-fi password instead of the settings password.

Do you mean you are unable to log into 'My Virgin Media' as well?

Where are you seeing information about a Sky router?

(Cyber)stalking and harrassment are both crimes. You should report to your local police if you are feeling threatened.