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Would a Coaxial Connector work here?

Joining in


Hi, Just receieved my Quick SetUp box from Virgin Media today, however don't have a VM wall mount, i do however have a loose Coax cable that I noticed behind my sofa, I had a look at another post on here and was wondering if a Female to Female connector would work if I plugged the Coax cable I recieved in my VM package into this cable?

If so were could I get a connector

Many thanks, Oli 🙂


Alessandro Volta

It is a generic part so also available at the likes of Toolstation, Screwfix etc.

If that cable already has an inline isolator built into it (the white plastic box in the pic below)

or the cable is fed from a metal isolator elsewhere

then you could connect direct to the hub but you need an isolator in the connection somewhere (which is built into the new leads VM sends out).

Thank you, I'll try using a female connector tomorrow, and see if that works