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Why does their pricing make no sense

Joining in

It’s that time of year where my bill goes from £30 to £85 for 1gb bb and phone.

The best they could do it £65 but I have to add tv. I decide to cancel and suddenly they can bring my bill down to £43. Again I say not good enough and it’s reduced a further to ££35 but I have to drop speeds on my internet.

All while the process is extremely painful “their systems are running slow” excuse.

Why do they not just give sensible offers from the go. Luckily street is being dug up to make way for fttp where we can get 900/900 for £25.

Does anyone the cheapest PAYG I can be on vm without a contract??


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Simple reasons:

1) VM are a commercial company. They are there to make money as well as sell services.

2) Virgin is NOT profitable. There is no incentive to give you lower than the going rate.

VMs pricing regime is weighted towards the new customer. Who, for their first contract can get services at a loss to VM. That has always been VMs business model.

PAYG? No they don’t. All services must be paid for in advance. This includes Virgin Mobile, although O2 do still offer some PAYG tariffs.

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