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Wayleave query

Joining in

I've received a wayleave request for installation to a new neighbour. We have block paving to the front of our parking spot (which is between the two buildings).

I don't have much problem with this but as discussed with the new neighbour I'd need to be certain that VM do not intend on mounting any external equipment on the wall facing our house and it might be crushed as I park my car or be a trip hazard. If mounted to the front of the house that I'd be happy enough.

I contacted the wayleave team who declined to comment beyond we'll clear up our mess. When pushed further, because we need access to the network termination point at the tip of your driveway (paraphrased) totally missing the point twice.

I could annotate the document myself but I suspect given it is legal they wouldn't accept it.

Suggestions? I tried the "Live Chat" link but that's only for existing customers it seems.


Alessandro Volta

If the wayleave agreement is anything like this one (which has been around online for a while)

do read all of the T&Cs carefully and consider if you want to be bound by those terms. VM will exploit the agreement to its maximum once it is in force and the terms in the above link seem very heavily weighted in VM's favour IMHO with little/no benefit to anyone who is not actually a VM customer.