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Waiting for pre installation work - can I check with council?

Up to speed

Long story short, delayed installation due to preinstallation work needed, it's been an absolute faff of people constantly telling me it's "today" or being cut off while being transferred to somebody that can help. At one point they told me they needed to contact the landlord when I own my house so I've come to the conclusion nobody there can see the information I need.

Appreciate it might vary by region but has anybody had any luck going straight to the council to find out the status of the permit? It's the not knowing that's killing me

Edit - also can't check any of this online as I've moved house and can't set up a new account with the same e-mail until it's been installed, ridiculous.


Alessandro Volta

@Chez92 wrote:

Thank you! Good to know, I'll just leave it for now and see what figure they come up with

As you have been following quite a few of these kinds of topic, while waiting for your own installation, you will probably already be aware that getting the correct compo from VM may be as difficult as getting the original installation done and will probably involve a complaint to the ombudsman.

There is a growing number of posts on here, in conclusion to compensation claims where VM has failed to pay up the correct amount, which have reported that the adjudicators have seen through and dismissed VM's default list of excuses for non-payment of compensation.

I guess you will have to wait the 30 days and see what compo VM offers then go from there.

Glad to hear this is all installed and up and running for you now @Chez92 

Automatic compensation will be added to your account if eligible and will be visible on your first bill, it can take a few days for this to appear on the account, but should you have any concerns at all with your first bill, we can certainly look into this for you via the forums if needed. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Up to speed

Quick post for anybody who's interested regarding compensation; I've just had a chat with the person handling my case with the ombudsman and Virgin have offered £383.25 for a delay of 73 days - while this is nice, it's not the full £525 I'm owed for the actual 100 day delay, so they're going to go back to Virgin and make them pay the difference!

Just wanted to post this in case anybody was in a similar situation and didn't think it was worth going through the process, the ombudsman makes it so easy and I've now got my internet paid for by Virgin for a full 14 months 😄

Alessandro Volta

Excellent work @Chez92. Well done for sticking with it and also for posting back the outcome. It definitely does provide some encouragement for others on here who find themselves at the start of the same compensation 'journey' with VM.

Tuning in

I, myself is currently going through all of this, almost 1 month down and if it honestly takes this long to sort, I don’t know what I am going to do. Considering giving up already 

Alessandro Volta

@Smelty wrote:

I, myself is currently going through all of this, almost 1 month down and if it honestly takes this long to sort, I don’t know what I am going to do. Considering giving up already 

If you are unlucky enough to be in this for the long-haul, a good tip would be to stick to your own/original topic rather than posting on additional similar past topics.

If you multi-post, any answers you get on the forum (inc. from VM) end up in multiple places.

If you (inevitably?) end up having to go to the ombudsman to claim compensation, a single topic allows you to keep all of your evidence, comm's and advice in one place and in chronological order.

On our wavelength

Chez, just read through this and I’m In the same boat. Installation was due on 17th Jan and been cancelled 3 times. So will be expecting compensation! 

I just wanted to know how you managed to get Stella to come out. I ring virgin and they say there coming today all the time and never turn up. 

found it very useful so thanks for posting this up by the way 👌