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Waiting for pre installation work - can I check with council?

Up to speed

Long story short, delayed installation due to preinstallation work needed, it's been an absolute faff of people constantly telling me it's "today" or being cut off while being transferred to somebody that can help. At one point they told me they needed to contact the landlord when I own my house so I've come to the conclusion nobody there can see the information I need.

Appreciate it might vary by region but has anybody had any luck going straight to the council to find out the status of the permit? It's the not knowing that's killing me

Edit - also can't check any of this online as I've moved house and can't set up a new account with the same e-mail until it's been installed, ridiculous.


Alessandro Volta

Try here for general info

although it is not that thorough or reliable.

Try this topic

for a story of a council permit that never was.

Contact your local highways authority and ask if VM have made any requests for your installation.

Cheers for that, checked One and nothing showing on there so got in touch with the council who've given me a number to ring. Going to do it in the morning as I've been on the phone for hours already today!

Up to speed

Quick update, didn't manage to speak to the council over the weekend but rang Virgin again this morning for an update. When I rang last week they mentioned this "Wayleave" which was required and said they'd sent me an e-mail requesting the landlords contact details; I told them I didn't receive an e-mail and I own the house so not sure what they're doing.

Spoke to them today, I'm told they're still waiting on a response to this e-mail.. WHY!? I've told you I own the house, what other information do you need? Why when I told you last week that I own the house did you not update that on the system? Honestly it's infuriating, every time I ring up I have to go through 15 different "pre installation teams" before I get to anyone that can see anything useful and even then what they can see just doesn't match up at all with reality. I'm only going with Virgin because you're the only ones who apparently offer gigabit speeds in my area so you've got me by the balls.

Can any of the forum team see anything useful with regards to pre-install work and permits? I'm sick of sitting on hold and then the call being disconnected so would be nice if I could contact you over PM

Alessandro Volta

"Why when I told you last week that I own the house did you not update that on the system?"

That's the problem - they don't have the sort of system that a company of this size would normally have. Every contact just gets lost down a black hole.

If you're needing a reliable fast connection, go to the Openreach website, put in your postcode and it will tell you when to expect FTTP at your address. Then look at the several new fibre providers to see if any are planning to cover your area. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Yeah pretty much, luckily I rang back this afternoon and confirmed that everything I spoke about this morning had been noted and it had. It's been escalated which from experience means nothing but basically somebody was convinced I rented and they've now been made aware I don't so hopefully there'll be some movement.

Unfortunately I'm stuck waiting for Cityfibre, until then I've got no other option. At this point I'm genuinely considering just getting by on copper until somebody else can sort FTTP

Up to speed

Another update for anybody in a similar situation; rang up 4 times this morning due to various disconnections while being transferred, they still think they need permission from this non-existent landlord. Finally got them to resend the request for their details as I never received it originally, they sent that and I replied telling them for the 4th or 5th time that I'm the owner.

Rang back and after 20 minutes on hold while the agent read the notes they came back and said my preinstall was now booked in for the 23rd of this month. I didn't quite believe that I'd finally been told a date so I'm going to call back this afternoon just to confirm but at least something has happened. Although while writing this I've just had a text saying a technician is due on the 29th but that I need to be at home so I'm hoping this is the actual install scheduled.

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Chez96, and I'm sorry to hear of the delayed installation and the difficulty you've faced thus far.

Do please keep us updated via the thread on how the appointments go on both the 23rd and 29th, and if anything further is required, we'll be on hand to assist you.

Kindest regards,


Do you have any other options?

If you do then go elsewhere. Even if it means slower speed.

Read up on the other threads here.

Virgin Media are a joke, and not a funny one.

I've just signed up with Now TV as they do FTTC then copper to the house on a 30 day rolling contract, it's only going to give me about 50mbps but better than an unreliable 4G hotspot. I'll just stick with that until Virgin decide to either install or tell me they just can't do it, either way should be a decent amount of compensation.

My installation date was pushed back to the 19th of January, although depending who I speak to it's still booked in for the 29th of this month, if I wasn't laughing I'd be crying 😂