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Vm box and internal wall insulation

Joining in

Hi all

My front house wall is being insulated internally by 100mm. My virgin boxes are attached to this. Will this pose an issue? 

Will i need an engineer to assist the workmen

Thank you


Alessandro Volta

If you have 100+ mm of slack in the cable to account for the extra wall depth you should probably be able to DIY if you can unscrew the connectors inside and relocate the cable through the new internal wall insulation.

If you have no slack, you will need a VM tech visit to replace the internal cables. £25 for a non-fault call out. Not sure how you will coordinated that though exactly at the right time for the insulation installers.

You are unlikely to receive a reply from the VM forum team here in ‘Tech Chatter’. A VIP or moderator might move your topic to a better forum, such as ‘Managing Your Account – Cable’ or ‘Networking and Wifi’ to get a VM reply.

Hi Oldbungalow,

Thanks for posting 😊

As goslow has advised, if you don't have enough slack in the cable we can arrange an engineer visit at a cost of £25. If this is something you still need help with please let us know.