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Virgin Fibre Port Installed Outside my House but my address is not Listed on the postcode checker

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Virgin Media fibre ports were installed in the pavement along our street and outside my house around 5-6 weeks ago, however my house number does not appear on the post code address checker list.

I have tried speaking to the support team a couple of times via live chat and on the phone but they were no help. They only seem to check the same postcode checker and have no additional information on recent installtions that may need to still be added to the address list. It appears that most of, it not all the other streets near me that had the work done around the same time are already showing in the list, so it does not appeat to be an issue with needing time to update the address list.

I tried filling in the "Tell us about where you live" that you go to if you click on the "my address is not listed" link around 3 weeks ago but have received no contact from Virgin Media even though they advise they will do so within 10 working days.

I also tried filling in the engineer visit form suggested to me via live chat to arrange for an engineer visit to check if I can be connected but again have heard nothing back or even a cofirmation that they have received the form submission via email etc.

My current contract is up for renewal shortly and was hoping to be able to explore my options before tying into to another contract to get the best value, however it seems there is no one at Virgin Media that is able to look into this further than just using the same postcode checker that we have access to which is dissapointing.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

A VM pavement outlet box outside your property is only a small part of an installation. There are lots of other equipment required in the street boxes and at the VM ‘headend’. It can take weeks or even months before VM could be available in your area. Unfortunately customer services will not have any information on when the connection in your area is to be initiated, VM never publish this information. 

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Thanks for your reply.

I understand that there is more equipment needed to be installed than just the pavement outlet box. I am just a little confused as to why if they have installed the full infrastructure to get the streets just round the corner from me connected that they would not do the same for my street when the works were carried out at the same time. I thought they had but it may not be the case but filled in the engineer visit form so I could get someone to confirm whether I should be able to be connected yet or not but I have not heard anything back regarding that or even had an email confirmation that they received my form submission.

I realise customer services may not be provided with that information but was hoping they might have been able to point me to someone who does or that I would hear back from submitting the Tell us about your address form to see if that would shed anymore light, however I have not heard back from that submission either and it is well past the 10 working days they advise it will take to do so 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM link in with the Royal mail for addresses.  If your address is incorrect or not listed on the Royal mail site then that needs updating so that VM's records can be updated.

Have you checked your address on the / site?

If it's not showing there, or is incorrect then this can be updated via / 

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Thanks for the reply.

I have just double checked and my address is correctly listed on the Royal Mail site.

I am guessing that whilst other neighbouring streets that were worked on at the same time as mine are already listed that as mentioned by Tudor above it is either a case of the full infrastructure not having being installed yet for my street or a delay with something that needs updating at the VM headend.

Hopefully at some point I'll heat back regarding my engineers visit request form so that they can advise whether it's the former or the latter.

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Is there any chance someone from VM could look in to this for me. I have seen other posts where VM members have contacted people to see if they can find out any information on potential timelines and to find out why addresses are not listed on the post code checker.

I have tried multiple methods of contacting VM but without any joy.

1. Live chat just sends me to the engineer visit form but am yet to hear anything back even though it is past the 10 working days it advises they will take to get back to me.

2. WhatsApp customer support directed me to call the VM sales team to find out why my address is not on the postcode checker - the address is correct on the Royal Mail site so should come up (I believe it currenlty only shows 3 houses for my poscode, so many others are also missing as well).

3. Tried calling the VM sales team but the agent cut off the connection before I had finished my query.

Hi JRock1t,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

We can certainly take a look into this for you. 

I will private message you now to confirm some details.