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User already logged in (when not) on hub

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Recently, when I want to configure my hub 3.0 for port forwarding etc, I get this when I try to log in. No one is logged in, I even made sure to log out of my last session, but it still does this:
"Please Note!
Someone else is currently logged into the settings page. Only one session at a time is allowed. Please try again later."

I've had to reboot my hub 3.0 with the pin button to fix this, only for it to come back when I try to log in the second time, unplugging the hub 3.0 from power doesn't make a difference (I had it disconnected for 10/15 minutes and it still didn't work afterwards).



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HI munrobasher

Hope your okay 

Just wanted to send a quick message to see if you were able to get the port forwarding sorted 


Hi there, yes got it sorted. The original problem still occurs in the latest firmware. I've just done this:

1. Logged on, removed port forwarding for port 80 and added back to a different internal IP
2. Gone away awhile to test it (15 mins maybe)
3. Come back and deleted port 443 port forwarding

At this point, it said the change had been made but then threw me back to the logon screen. And now I'm unable to logon "Local user has already logged in, please wait..."

Guess I'll have to reboot or wait...

>Were you able to log in using incognito?

This doesn't help.

Up to speed

Hmm... wonder if this has got worse recently. I'm now regularly locking myself out when adjusting port forwarding. I'm just adjusting port forwarding to redirect port 80 and 443 on my dev system from one server to another. Logged on, deleted old entry, added new for 80- fine, added new for 443 - thrown back to logon screen and now got the "another user" error.

I really doubt it was time out this time as I did all the above immediately after logging in. Quite why it thinks there is another logged in is perplexing as I'm on the same computer, same IP, same MAC etc.

Rather annoying. That said, I've kept meaning to switch it the modem mode and use a Mikrotik router that I've got spare. Probably should do that as the interface is much more power-user aligned. The VM router always annoys me that you can't edit a port forwarding rule.

I got my hub 3.0 yesterday and I'm already locked out not even 24 hours later 🤦

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Very Insightful Person

@munrobasher wrote:

<snip>   Rather annoying. That said, I've kept meaning to switch it the modem mode and use a Mikrotik router that I've got spare. Probably should do that as the interface is much more power-user aligned. 

100% yes to using your own Router.  You will thank yourself for saving so much grief of having to use the Hub as a Router ......   😉

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I had this on a HUB 3 using edge. I opened an incognito browser after clearing cookies. Not sure wjhich action fixed it but I was back into the router after doing both things

Hey liamk15, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are locked out of your Hub.

Please can you just confirm if you were logged into the connect app at the same time?

Also as the advice given help at all yet? 

Please do let me know. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Log out of the app and delete the app i have had this issue for a while until i realised it was the app. if this does not work you may not have logged out correctly or someone else in your household is doing it too.

Still sadly happening which is annoying. I've been tempted to put the hub into modem mode and use a Mikrotik router instead. This might finally tip me over the edge. Been locked out three times today just editing port forwarding rules 😞