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User already logged in (when not) on hub

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Recently, when I want to configure my hub 3.0 for port forwarding etc, I get this when I try to log in. No one is logged in, I even made sure to log out of my last session, but it still does this:
"Please Note!
Someone else is currently logged into the settings page. Only one session at a time is allowed. Please try again later."

I've had to reboot my hub 3.0 with the pin button to fix this, only for it to come back when I try to log in the second time, unplugging the hub 3.0 from power doesn't make a difference (I had it disconnected for 10/15 minutes and it still didn't work afterwards).



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Hi munrobasher,

Sorry to see you are still facing issues when trying to port forward, as this isn't something we support there isn't a lot we can advise, if you are looking into a 3rd party Router to overcome the issue there are lots of posts on oour Forum in regards to this.



Joining in

Check your browser history, and select the earliest point of interacting with the page. The 1st time the page was logged in is still active. All pages it has been retried won't continue as this 1st page has been successful. I hope I have explained this well enough.  

I had the same issue, had to gain access via an Incognito Browser tab, to gain full access and then swith to Modem mode. Had to ask Virgin to reboot it remotely as it would not come back and I lost Internet until the reset it from the VM end.

Hey @ukcobra, thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the hub manager.
May I ask if everything is working for you now?
Has everything been rectified for you?
Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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I've come to the conclusion that VM are unable fix this software problem and we have to live with it. Fortunately one isn't often accessing the console and if you are (e.g. changing firewall/port forwarding frequently) then you're probably a more power user and should consider switching to a different router and using the Superhub in modem mode.

I can only guess what information the router stores to determine who is logged on (local IP, MAC address, time etc) but that whatever the logic is uses to determine if you're the same user is broken.

Yes, the remote reboot was the only way to get the modem operational.

It was stuck with a Red Led light.

Using Firefox the Hub 3 works a charm in the Port Forwarding management screen.

Does the Hub 3 fail during Port forwarding in Chromium browsers Chrome & Edge ?

On our wavelength
Afaik the port forwarding functionality works fine, just logging into the router is awfully unreliable.

Yes, the port forwarding works fine but I tend to find when editing that is when I get locked out.

The port forwarding works fine but it's when editing the port forwarding rules that you tend to get locked out. The scenario is something like this:

1. Make a change to port forwarding
2. Go away and maybe test that, leaving the console open
3. Come back (say) 5 mins later and try making another change
4. You get locked out with other user logged in

My theory is that this happens most on port fowarding because that's a screen that you might hang around in. Most other changes to the router are done and finished in minutes.

So the fault is most likely the current session timing out without the user cleanly leaving thus when you attempt to logon on again, it thinks somebody else is in there.