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Removing Reset Button

Joining in

Is there anyway to either remove the reset button physically or changing a setting to make it obsolete?

My troublesome teenager keeps on hitting the reset button on the bottom of our Hub 5 router and then changing the wifi password so no-one else can use it.

Any help in this situation would be great as I have other children use the wifi and we also need it everyday.


Alessandro Volta

You would have to prevent physical access to the hub to stop it being reset.

From a lot of past experience of working in schools, whatever measures you put in place to restrict teenagers' tech use, they will invariably find some way of bypassing or reducing those measures.

Your time might be better spent re-establishing the ground rules for tech use at home with your teenager.


This really is a home made problem ! 

Reset the Hub 5 and leave it alone with the default passwords. Boom his desire to hit RESET has vanished !