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Pre install and set up what a joke!

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We signed for to Virgin media fibre recently after the installations outside our house to enable us to sign up were complete. We signed up on the 28/3 and ever since it has been a nightmare. We still haven't been connected and at this rate we won’t ever be because of the sheer competence of Virgin.

The original install date was 12/4. Without realising, we had to have a pre install done before this date, we got home one evening to discover they had turned up without even asking us, made a mess of the garden, and installed the exterior box on a part of the house that we didn’t want it and wouldn’t work. Of course, we were furious. We then discovered an email saying they couldn’t complete the work because of the rain, ok, fine, but why weren’t we told they were coming so the above problems could have been avoided!


If an appointment had been made it would have been 10x better but no. They move the garden around and install the box in a completely useless place. That’s the first problem.

So, having then realised we needed the actual problem sorting and the box moved we had to get hold of them. Before doing this we now realised our install date had been pushed back a month! This is a joke, especially as the next morning whilst on the phone, they turned up to complete the incomplete work, no appointment made again but whatever. We got them to move the box. Cable was blown through the pipe. Job done. We then made sure the guys completed the works order before they left.

After this was complete we tried to get our original date back, and after 2 hours on the phone we got no where apart from getting it moved to 17/4 which would have to do. Pathetic considering it was their **bleep** up and they moved it a month for no reason when it got fixed the very next day. 

Fast forward to today 15/4, 2 days from the engineer coming to set us up. We get an email saying the exterior work isn’t complete, your new date is the 2/5. WHAT? So, my partner has spent 3 more hours on the phone and has completely wasted her breath. We’ve told them a million times the work is done and ready for Wednesday and they keep saying the initial problem isn’t fixed and round in circles we go. 3 hours of this with 3/4 different useless people who can’t speak English properly and finally my partner gave up and we are no where no. 

Our previous provider has no cut us off as agreed so we now have no internet and if we want to go back to them we will end up paying more and the fastest speed we can get is 30mb from anybody else but Virgin, hence why we signed up straight away. 

We want this sorted. We want our Virgin internet installed this Wednesday as arranged. It is ready to go!! I’m hoping somebody here might actually sort something rather than the monkeys on the phone. If this isn’t sorted we are cancelling.


Utter joke of a company. I have already posted on the local Facebook group warning people not to sign up for virgin media fibre. 



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I'm currently in the same boat. Pre-installation engineers turned up unannounced, installed the wires, done everything necessary, then I get a message a few days before the installation date saying the work outside has not been completed and needs a repull. I've spent endless hours on the phone, I've not had Broadband for the house for over 2 weeks and counting so far.

It’s ridiculous isn’t it. The sheer level of incompetence is scary. We are now left in the same boat. No internet. No trust in virgin media and the only thing we can do is go back to our old provider on a slow speed paying more because we cancelled it to join Virgin

Hi @Mitchybenny thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear of the ongoing delay in your installation and for any inconvenience this may be causing your household. I would like to take a look on your behalf. I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.