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No microducts at new property

Joining in

Hi guys,

I'm moving house (fingers crossed) and whilst scoping out the estate I was unable to see any Virgin microducts on the pavements, also I couldn't see virgin boxes on any of the properties which struck me as odd as when I put the postcode in on the Virgin website it says it is available. Could this be a mistake and Virgin haven't got my estate ready yet?

A few years a go a contactor was working their way around my town, digging up pavements, putting microducts outside properties. I can see that the pavements haven't been dug up on this street. It isn't a new estate, houses are 1999-2000. Any ideas?


Thank you, will have a little stroll this weekend to see what I can spot


The pavements are the same as all the others that they dug up whilst rolling out here. I'm not sure what would already be in place if digging wasn't required. These houses were built 24/25 years a go. 


Hello tins.

We can check the serviceability of properties from here.

Can you please send me a private message with the address.

I can check and let you know.