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No Services for 6 Days - 2.5 Week Wait for Repair!

Joining in

In the early hours of last Wednesday (17th April) we suffered a total loss of services and haven't had TV or internet since.

An engineer came out on the Friday (19th April) who did some tests, but essentially fobbed us off by saying that the CS team would be sending some hits to our router to see if that fixed the issue. Needless to say, it didn't.

Another engineer came out today who was much more thorough and diagnosed the issue: the cable coming into our house hadn't been properly installed and water ingress into the pavement had corroded the cable. She said that she would log it as a priority call to ensure that it would be fixed in the next two days at the latest.

This afternoon I see the appointment has been schedule for the 9th May - another 2.5 weeks on top of the almost 1 week of no service we've already had.

I spoke to an agent on the phone who advised they couldn't change the date, but this is absolutely woeful and unacceptable - is there anyone here who could please help?

Thank you.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @Funk45s, and I'm sorry to hear of the services issues you have been experiencing.

Do please continue to with my colleague who I believe you're chatting to via our private messaging function currently.



Alessandro Volta

expect nothing and you wont be disappointed - contractors are likely to come and go at regular intervals and do nothing but buck pass - VM here can do nothing but refer it up the chain and thats likely to be ignored - CS will promise it will be fixed tomorrow because thats what their screen says and tomorrow [guess what] it will be fixed tomorrow

in short you will be lied to  - promised its going to be done - in reality - it will be sorted as and when - could be this week could be months

log the days for the compensation and be prepared to be lied to about that and be short changed if they can get away with it

so use the £10 a day to find a fill in solution if the internet is important - 3 do a 5G deal for £25 or there about a month on a 30 day contract



Sacked VIP