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New Customer - Suspected Damaged omnibox

Joining in

I have followed the instructions for QuickStart, the WiFi light is solid green and the Internet light is flashing green. This has been happening for around two hours

I’ve been to check the brown Omnibox case, and the lid has come off and cannot be reattached. The wires are exposed and one of the wires has even been cut by a previous owner, leading me to believe this is the cause of the issue.

I need a technician to come and help with the setup and to fix the omnibox 



Alessandro Volta

Call the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734. You may need to activate the hub. If the coax cable to the hub has been cut though you will need to request a tech visit to repair it.

If you post up a photo of the omnibox you may get some help on here to identify the cables. Sometimes old phone cables in the box are not in use.

Joining in


here is a photo of the inside of the box, maybe it’s not been cut but pulled out 

Thank you for replying so quickly, I will ring them today. I’ve also uploaded a photo of the box.

Alessandro Volta

The incoming cable is the one rising upwards from ground level going into the 'IN' connector on the splitter. That looks OK.

If you are connecting to the white cable going through the wall you should get a connection and may need to activate the hub. The thin white cable (with multi-coloured cores) is an old phone line and would not be used for a new VM installation.

If your connection comes from the cut black cable (it looks like the cut end might be just going out of shot diagonally across the bottom LHS of your photo) then you need a VM tech to repair or replace the cable.

I’ve been on the phone to VM and they said once the account is activated the connection will be established, unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I still had a flashing green light 

Once my account was activated (they didn’t even have my account number on files), I was able to run diagnostics through the app and it informed me that they need to send someone out, so I’ve managed to book a technician that way. Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear an engineer has been booked dancam129.

Please do keep us updated on how this goes and a very warm welcome to the community 🙂 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt

thanks for your response - the engineer has sorted everything and I’m up and running. I didn’t catch his name but the engineer was great, explained everything clearly and did the job in about 20 mins.