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Neighbours connection speed an indication on what I should expect?

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Looking to getting Virgin Media but have a question around connection speeds.

Neighbours around me on the Gig1 connection and getting about 650-750Mbps. If I signed up for the M500 service, should I be getting very close to the 516Mbps they advertise?

I don't want to sign up for the Gig1 connection if I'm not going to get much more in terms of speed compared to the M500 one.



Are the neighbours reporting to the service speed at the VM Hub or the Wi-Fi capabilities of their laptop ?

The link below shows the speed to the VM Hub as well as how fast the devices works with the Hub:
Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

Got a friendly neighbours ? Ask for a demo it only takes a short time to complete.

A 1Gb service should be about 1130Mb/s at the Hub 4 or Hub 5.

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The amount of users that expect full speed to one device when it's not even capable of it (Wi-Fi 5, for example).

Even most wired devices on 1Gbps ethernet ports will be limited to 900-940Mbps.

You share the full bandwidth across several devices at the same time.