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Mess of wires and box on my property

Joining in

Hi there, 

I bought a property a while back and there is a whole mess of wires and what looks to be a cable box. This is on a little roof that I can access out of my first floor window. I posted on a community group and several people suggested this looked like virgin so I’m here for help in getting these removed or at least re-homed off of my roof. It’s blocking the drainage system so may become a council issue if not resolved. 



Alessandro Volta

hard to know and some of that may be Virgin but its more than that - theres shotgun cable which is likely to be Sky and i think the box is BT/openreach telephone distribution - many of the wires look to have been cut so i guess could be removed - i dont think you will get any help here - if you have not contacted openreach i would do that and send them the photo 

i guess there will have had to have been a wayleave agreement to site the box - you mention the council - is it council property - if so they should know if there is any wayleave agreement and may in fact know who that lot belongs to as they may be getting an annual fee for it being there


Sacked VIP

Alessandro Volta

Certainly looks like some of those could be VM cables but there might also be TV and satellite connections in there too if the building has any of those.

Don't set your hopes too high on VM springing into action to remedy the situation. We have had similar topics on here in the past where cables have trailed across doors and windows and VM has failed to do anything about them.

A VM forum person should respond here within the next few days.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What type of property is it - that is - is is it a flat/apartment etc in a block/complex/house etc, with other occupants of the building getting "served" from this cabling. 

Just trace where the cables come from and go to - and then ask any "recipients" what services they are using on them from what suppliers.


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you have a building management company, they are the ones to talk to, as this is communal wiring.

Wiring mess.jpg

Red box - Sky dish cabling

Blue box - Brown Freeview antenna cabling (VM don't use brown cable)

Yellow box - White BT Openreach cabling or white Freeview.

Cannot positively identify any VM stuff here, but can't rule it out.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi megvee63,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

We're sorry to see the state of those cables. 

We can certainly take a look to see if we have any cables and what can be done regarding ours. 

I will private message you now.