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Installation incomplete

Joining in

Signed up December 2023 , installed on the 8th of January, but engineer wired it into our neighbour's box without telling us?

Called vm told engineer is booked but we need new cable, cable was pulled and obstruction found, new cable installed and we were die an engineer to complete on the 7th of March, no engineer came and its still wired into next door with both of us having little to no service, absolutely awful service and needs sorting asap.

Can anyone, anyone at all point me in the right direction to get this resolved please.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Sharing a connection with your neighbour should not affect your service.  All the cables run over a shared service from the street cabinet in any case.  If the service is performing badly, this "sharing" is not the issue unless the actually work was rushed and not done to spec.

Hopefully this temporary solution is not for much longer.

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On our wavelength

Adduxi’s comment about all the cable connections are eventually a shared service anyway is absolutely true. This, in itself should not cause a service issue, unless it was badly done. It sounds as if you and/or your neighbour needs a tech visit to, probably, move your connection in the cab to a different tap.

Now having said that, there is another potential issue, imagine that your and your neighbours connection is fixed, ie it all works for both of you, but they don’t run a separate cable for you? Now further imagine that your neighbour, at some point cancels their VM subscription or moves and they or the new owners want all the cables removed from their property? That will completely cut you off - and there would be nothing you could do about it! Legally, though your neighbours would be obliged to tell any potential future buyers of the house that this is the situation, and that their may be a legal wayleave in place, which would effect the desirability of the property and at least could effect the value! I wonder if they were aware of that when they allowed it (please tell me that they gave formal written permission for your connection to be run from their box), across their property?

Also, please remember the old maxim ‘there is nothing more permanent than a ‘temporary solution’!