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Installation delayed since November 2023

Tuning in

Good morning,

I ordered a virgin media broadband back in October 2023.

My installation date has been moved 15 times now, please see below:

1. 07/11/2023 - installation requires essential works
2. 08/11/2023 - Installation requires essential works
3. 09/11/2023 - I have raised a complaint
4. 13/11/2023 - installation requires essential works
5. 20/11/2023 - installation requires essential works
6. 27/11/2023 - installation requires essential works
7. 30/11/2023 - installation requires essential works
8. 11/12/2023 - installation requires essential works
9. 14/12/2023 - installation requires essential works
10. 24/12/2023 - installation requires essential works
11. 11/01/2024 - installation requires essential works
12. 20/01/2024 - installtion requires essential works
13. 25/01/2024 - installation requires essential works
14. 26/01/2024 - installation requires essential works
15. 08/02/2024 - installation requires essential works
16. 10/02/2024 - moved again, but no update yet.

Right, I think waiting nearly 5 months to get connected is way too much, and shows that no one can even try to connect.
Virgin Media, I need an answer to this as I can't afford to book and waste my holidays anymore, on most of these dates I have not been informed at all! and I was just sitting at home and waiting for you guys to turn up without informing me. 

Can i please have an urgent response?

Kind Regards,






Super solver

You are building up impressive compensation for delayed installation

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Tuning in

Thanks buddy for the link, 95 days so far and 15 installations moved. 

I will wait for their response as I'm also building up a case.



On our wavelength

I am currently on 40 days late and 3 missed installations! make it sound like an opening line in rehab dont I. think id prefer to be there to be honest.

Have you contacted the ombudsmen and asked for a deadlock letter? I cant access the ombudsment until the 11th march but i will be ringing straightaway to get them on board. What a joke eh!


Tuning in

Virgin Media, can you please resond?

I have contacted you again, and i heard the same thing again "Some essensial works need to be done".
you haven't give me any dates, and now you put my installation on hold!

What is going on?

Good evening,

I have been promised a phone call back within 24hours, no one call me back, so I call them again yesterday and they promised again to call me back, no one did call me back.


Phone installation team again today and Spoken to MAI, she hasn't provided me with a date, and said that she don't know when I will get connect.

Can anyone please help me out?

Good morning,

My installation date moved again for the 16th time now, new date is 1st of March. Can I have an update at all or you just ignoring me?

Hi @framgsc 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear that your installation is delayed. I appreciate the frustrations this can cause. 

I have checked the systems at our side and can see that this is assigned to the correct team and that they have since contacted you to discuss this further. 
I can only apologies for the delay, but assure you that the team are working on completing the necessary work to allow your installation to go ahead.  

Should any further updates or changes arise the team will be in touch if needed 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent