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Installation delayed email but box was installed on the house already

Tuning in

Hi all,

Received the dreaded email informing me that my installation has been delayed from next week to the end of the month. This was then followed up by a phone call from Virgin Media yesterday evening confirming as much. I informed her on the phone that the email has confused me because the box was installed on the side of the house last week, and I talked to my neighbour who ordered on the same day (and her box was installed too on the same day) and she has not been delayed.

Is this a case of someone not confirming that the box was installed? the website progress meter is still showing as "Preparing your property".

What I'm most concerned about is I'll end up in a similar situation as others here where the installation is continuously delayed for no reason.


Alessandro Volta

Your assumptions could well be correct. You must have already researched past topics on here!

Much of the cable installation work is done by sub-contractors. From the many similar past topics on here, it seems VM has little/no contact with the contractor and the contractor is left to get on with the installations largely unmanaged and unsupervised. Past topics have mentioned delays being caused by an early part of the job not being signed off by the sub-contractor as completed. There could be other explanations too.

You could try the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734, if you have not done so already. Most topics on here report that they are generally clueless about individual installations and do nothing more than read the latest installation date from their screen in front of them (often that is simply the date you are calling in). In many reports on here they 'guarantee' the installation will happen 'today' but it is a guarantee with no meaning or truth to it.

Your delay could also just be a minor glitch in the VM matrix and work may resume imminently. You are unlikely though to get any sensible or reliable info from VM as often, it seems, they don't actually know themselves and cannot find out for you!

Thank you for the info! I will try and call the pre-installation and delivery team tomorrow, I see they're closed now. Have you dealt with or know of any dealings with this department? are they generally quite helpful?

VM were not too helpful, the lady who called after the email yesterday basically just confirmed what was written in said email. When I challenged her by telling her the box was already there, she said "oh, when did that happen?" with a little surprise, and then when I told her she immediately just returned back to the "well, we need to complete some additional work at your property" without really considering what I'd said.

Just another quick question, what option on there is for the pre-installation and delivery team? should I just hit 0?

Alessandro Volta

Don't know the answer to your further questions, unfortunately. You will have to try them and see. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed (a good rule of thumb to use when joining VM!). You may possibly find you are talking to the same unhelpful people as before, just on a different phone number!

Interesting point. Ant when you call the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734, please ask the agent where they are geographically located and let us know. Thanks. 

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Tuning in

Just got off the phone with the number posted above, pressed 0 to for any other inquiries. I explained that the box was already there but I received this email and my neighbour has not been delayed a few doors down. She went away for about 5 minutes on hold and came back saying she’d booked a technician to visit me tomorrow between 8am and 1pm and they would confirm the work has been done and “help me with the installation”? I did press her on whether they are bringing the router and actually doing the activation and she was vague and basically said what she said above again.

Not sure if this means they will do the actual install tomorrow or not, but fingers crossed. Originally it was scheduled for Thursday in the coming week.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Do keep us posted on the outcome please.

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