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Installation Shambles - Cable / Avonline

Joining in

I’ve been in my property for 1 week and still don’t have internet. Timeline:

- moved in on Thursday 22nd, expected a self install. Turns out there is a cable to the property threshold, but it’s just tied up in a ball and doesn’t go anywhere. 
- Virgin send an engineer on Saturday. He claims he can’t install this cable as it’s a job for Avonline. He promises to email a manager to get Avonline to come on Monday. 
- Avonline don’t arrive on Monday. We call Virgin Media who claim that we don’t need Avonline. They will send a ‘specialist’ engineer on Wednesday who will setup the outside and inside. 
- Wednesday arrives (today). A Virgin Media engineer turns up, expecting a quick 10 minute site inspection. He immediately tells me we need Avonline because ‘specialist’ engineers don’t exist in my area. I beg him to try and install the cable anyway and he agrees. He begins by testing the existing cable…there’s no signal! 
- He has left me his mobile number while he goes to check the connection at the other end and to complete his other jobs. He said he’ll come back to us today “if he has time”. 
- I tried calling support several times but got cut off - and haven’t been called back. 

The service and communication is appalling! I have zero confidence I will have internet today, or even this week. 

Please help!




At this stage the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 might be the best point of contact.