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Facing broadband issues since a month

Tuning in

Hello Virgin Media team,

I had a hub and a pod installed. I started facing intermittent internet issues at the beginning of May. After at least 2-3 calls , the first technician visit happened which did not help at all. Then after a few more calls, the second technician visit took place, and the technician changed the hub. After that, the hub worked better but our extender (wifi pod) stopped working properly and kept on blinking white light. After a few more calls, a replacement was sent today which is still configuring (as per the executive). These issues have been going on for more than a month and I am tired of contacting virgin media again and again.

I hope you understand what problems the customers face and improve your service.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @sonama 

Welcome to the community forums

So sorry to hear of your broadband service concerns and that the engineers haven't been able to resolve this for you upon their visits. 

I've checked the systems at our side and can't see any issues with the service. Your hubs specifications are all good and there are no outage affecting you that we can identify. 

Is the issue you're experiencing with WiFi connected devices only or do you also have these connection issues over devices connected via ethernet cable directly into the router?

I can see that your pods are not online currently and so aren't within your set up to help for any coverage issues you may have. As you mentioned you've had a new hub, the pod will need to be paired back to the new hub. The provisioning is done at our side, but please can you please the pods as close a possible to the router into a main socket and reset both the pod and the router. The pod should flash white whilst this is setting up and should last around 15 minutes. Once the pod has stopped flashing, then you'll be able to place this back into a good signal area to boost the strong signal to the areas of the home that need it. You can find more information on how to set up your pods here if needed. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Tuning in

Hello Carley,

Thank you for your reply. The hub is working fine after it was replaced. 

I am facing issues with the pods. There are 2 pods. Both a flashing just white lights. They haven't been working since 4th of June. I have been calling Virgin Media every day since then with no help and I get different timelines everytime I call. They said it should start working with hours initially, then asked me to wait 24 hours. They assured me it should start working within 24 hours. Then on calling again, I was given a timeline of 5 working days. I am waiting for a call from the IT team. The wifi pods are still not working. I have plugged in a pod next to the hub for 6 days with no change in the light.

We don't have a range at all in one room. 

Hoping this gets resolved soon. I am very disappointed with the customer service provided.






Hi @sonama 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Forum Team

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Tuning in


We had no connection for two days 17th and 18th, and we had a technician visit yesterday (19th of June). The technician fixed the wiring temporarily but there is still an issue and the connection keeps dropping repeatedly. 

Note: I am writing this after 4th technician's visit.

I have been on call with Virgin Media at least 20 times now. I have raised a complaint as well. I hope the internet starts working as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Hi Sonam, 

Thanks for coming back to us in the Community. As it's been less than a week since we last spoke to you via PM, please pop back to Alex so she can continue supporting you with your connection. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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