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Disconnecting due to upgrade, or something else?

Joining in

On Thursday evening I called VM to negotiate my contract price down, as it ends next month. This weekend and the agent also offered me an update from 125mbps to 250mbps which I accepted. To do this she 'sent an update' to my hub which disconnected my services for what felt like a long time, about 20 mins. Even the agent was a bit confused why it took so long. Eventually my router showed a yellowy orange steady light, which again was confusing but I've since leaned could just be a broken white LED.


Anyway, yesterday (Friday) all was fine but this morning (Saturday) the service disconnects every few minutes. It will work fine, at full speed, for about 10-15 mins then everything will disconnect. The lights on the router don't seem to change. I've tried restarting the hub, disconnecting devices etc and get hopeful it's worked, then the same thing happens. I checked the VM status page and it says there are no issues in my area.


I've never really had any issues with VM for a few years so it seems a strange coincidence this is happening so soon after the 'upgrade' but I can't understand how something like sending a hub update could cause this drop in connectivity.


Or is it just a coincidence?


Any wisdom much appreciated.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Coincidence I would suggest.

Try checking with Area faults on 0800 561 0061 or if you have a VM landline 150 as small local faults are not listed on the VM status page.

Post the power levels, Pre and PostRS errors and network log from the Hub. Also setup a BQM to monitor your circuit

Once done we can comment.

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