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Delays, more delays and contact centres who don't have a clue what is going on!

Tuning in

I am a new customer to Virgin Media and my experience has been terrible. I would move elsewhere but it seems the broadband industry is in a shocking state. The installation of fibre at our house does require some additional work beyond the standard installation as new ductwork is required. This is fine and I understand it can take time. The issue I have is the communication within Virgin departments, and communication out to their subcontractors is woeful. I have had multiple delays, misinformation and unfulfilled promises. Multiple engineers have visited my property and they have no clue what to do as they do not have a clear scope of works. We had Virgin turn up to set up the broadband before the fibre was installed. 

The customer contact centre is useless as they do not hold the correct information. Today, we had other engineer visiting our house and once again, no clue what is going on. 

The amount of time wasted by engineers sent on wild goose chase jobs must rack up thousands of hours across the UK. If Virgin sort themselves out and stop wasting engineers time, we might actually get somewhere! 


It doesn't take long to get the permit, so they don't ask for it until they are ready to do the job. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hi @Vlrginrhopeless.

Thanks for getting back in touch with us. Apologies for the delay with the permits, there is a process in which we must follow when requiring additional works to be done, should the permits be delayed we are not always privy to the information as to why, we can escalate should we need to. Once obtained then we are working with a third-party company to assist with any construction, this is working alongside their availability. Should there be no factors that may delay this such as blocked/collapsed ducts then we can pursue the additional works.

We understand the timescales are not always ideal for the customer, but we do try to endeavour to get any additional works completed ASAP. You can do into any form of delayed installation compensation here 👉 Auto Comp.

Once again Virgin Media have confirmed they are a hopeless supplier. Despite the response from Virgin about delays because of permits etc, they still managed to send two engineers to my house today to do the final fibre connection before the duct and fibre is installed. I can't believe the number of engineer hours wasted by Virgin and their sub-contractors. The engineers are all saying how disorganised it is. So, I've had enough and I have cancelled my order. I'll go back to BT, they don't seem so back now I have had dealings with Virgin, I'll pay £15 more per month with BT but I no longer care as Virgin are hopeless!

Alessandro Volta

Does Virginmedia have a death wish?

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Install date of the 20th Feb followed by the 5th March as work was required.
I then had a call saying the 1st March as the work had been completed.
One day before and another phone call stating my install is on hold for additional work required !
Looking on the website media shows that work will be carried out on the 1st March, which changed to the 2nd March, then the 3rd March (a Sunday lol) and now the 4th March.  So far no work has been done.
Clearly this date is just rolling over at midnight to the next day and I am likely still on hold and no actual works appointment exists at this time.

To make my situation worse Plusnet "mistakenly" switched my broadband off on the 29th Feb so we currently have nothing.  Oh, and I work from home now tethered to an unreliable 4g signal on my mobile.

As people have mentioned the issue with the call centre is they simply don't have the correct information in front of them as the appointment system is a mess.

Hi there,

We are terribly sorry for the poor experience you've had with your installation. I would really like to help try and turn this around, but if you have ultimately decided to leave and join a new provider, we understand. 

I've reached out to you via PM just incase. Feel free to respond if you'd like me to assist

Otherwise, we wish you all the best with your new provider.