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Cut cable - how long for connection to return after fixed?

Tuning in

As the title says, we found out our cable was mysteriously cut outside. Basically, on Thursday broadband cut out, engineer booked for Friday evening, he found the, in his words, very freshly cut cable outside our property. He managed to book a team to come fix that Saturday morning. They were a no show as expected with VM, rescheduled to Monday, no show again, and then this morning (Tuesday) around 8:20 I saw a Kelly Communications van parked outside and a man pulling some cables. I was hopeful that this was for us as he also walked to our front door and checked the box there. 
He left around 9:30 but we still have no connection. 
When I called the customer support to find out if they were finished, she said it’s still open and to wait until the time slot ends (8am-1pm) and then call again if the connection isn’t back.

I’m general, how long after cables are pulled before the connection starts back up? 


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As an additional note, does anyone know if our contract can be extended at the same discounted price by the amount of months we’ve been unable to use the package? Or is it only the money that’s compensated? 

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I have been told that construction was delayed due to the council not approving the dig permit needed. This seemed suspicious to me as I had previously been told that a permit WAS approved and all was ready to go (lies of course)

I have contacted the local highways authority to find out if a permit is pending for the supposed construction work needed to repull our cables. The highway authority has informed me in email that Virgin media has never applied for a permit in the two months since our service has been lost. 
the lies this company tells is ridiculous. I now have proof that the council has not been obstructing our repull and I am planning to make sure VM gives us all the proper compensation from day one of this issue. 

Alessandro Volta

It is very sad that a customer has to go to such lengths as making enquiries with the council to confirm that VM is lying about the reasons for a delay. It is also very sad that other customers have also done this on past topics and found out the same was true, so clearly this is not a one-off event but a recurring pattern of behaviour by VM and its agents.

Keep all of this evidence (hopefully you got something in writing from the council) and do so in a timeline format. Link your evidence (screenshots, emails, text messages etc.) to each entry on the timeline so that you build up an easy-to-follow narrative of everything that has gone on. This will be helpful when you (inevitably) have to go to the ombudsman to get the correct compensation.

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Once again they haven’t come on the scheduled date (today). I’ve received an email that it’s rescheduled for 12 July, but the customer service agent I’ve been messaging here has told me that the team told her it’s already been scheduled for 11 July. Who am I to believe at this point? 
she has also told me we could cancel our contract without cancellation fees, but does anyone know if that will actually happen? if we cancel, do we still receive the compensation we are owed for the 2 1/2 months of total loss of service? We are seriously thinking of leaving at this point. 

Alessandro Volta

Depends how long you have left on your contract.

You might find it worth signing up for an Openreach connection and just letting the VM contract run on. If you stop chasing them every day they might forget all about it until the contract finishes. Then you can collect the compensation and leave without penalty. 🙂 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hi @zetastarz21 thanks for your reply and we're sorry for the delay so far.

We can see you have messaged Vikki about this privately so please allow her time to respond to your concerns directly.

Thanks for your patience.

Many thanks