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Crazy support system

Joining in

The automated support system is ridiculously stupid.

I call up and it does some tests and tells me my hub is faulty without asking me anything, then arranges and engineer to come and take a look at my hub.

But my hub is not faulty.  The TV service is also down.  On top of that many of the neighbours who also use virgin media have no service.  So there is an issue further upstream, but there is no way of speaking to anyone at VM to even try to explain.  It's crazy and incredibly frustrating.

It's Sunday afternoon, so even when you do try and get through to speak to someone, you get a message saying someone along the lines of "We're closed now, we are open Monday to Saturday" 

Is there anyway of actually speaking to a person?

I can't believe they're charging 8% extra for the service, but their support is absolutely sh*t!

What have you improved to justify the extra charges?


Super solver

Their debt repayments. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Murof11 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

If you've phoned us and the automated service has recognised a fault that needs an engineer after doing the tests, it means you've either phoned up from a number listed on your account, or verified yourself on the automated service options, to then connect to our systems in order to do those tests. 

All our contact methods can be found here

Please do let us know how the engineer visit goes or if you need further assistance, let us know.

Forum Team

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