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Cables to Brown external Box

Joining in

I have ordered broadband from VM which is due to self installation soon. I notice there are 2 Black cables entering the external Brown Box. One thicker than the other, one or both wires enter the house and go along inside the wall cavity to a VM broadband socket and a telephone socket both next to each other. These are flush fitted so must have been  fitted when the house was newly built 6 years ago as no cables are visible. Can any members explain why there are 2 cables rather than just one that VM normally fit.


Alessandro Volta

In past installations, the larger of the two cables was coax for TV/broadband and the smaller was for the phone line.

VM now delivers the phone line via the coax cable with the phone plugging into the router and the smaller cable for the phone line is no longer required on new installations.

Thanks for your reply that would explain the 2 cables, our neighbours have just one cable who are on VM broadband so assume then they will not have a VM old phone line. The whole estate of 400 houses built between 2014-2018 apparently have VM brown boxes fitted externally would have thought all the houses would have 2 cables not just one, unless you had to order phone line on the new build by 1st buyer. We have 3 VM street furniture cabinets close together nearby one large one medium and one small. Any idea what each are for?

Alessandro Volta

In a new build estate, I think it is the housebuilder who does the internal fit-out of houses with VM kit when the homes are built. I imagine that the external cables might only be installed when each customer signs up for a VM service which might result in different cables being used outside.

If you want any comments on street equipment, post up some photos. Some of the regular contributors on here have a lot of knowledge on VM's setup. Larger cabinets may simply be the termination point for a series of smaller satellite cabinets in the surrounding area.

More info on new builds is in the new build handbook (which includes cabinets from p15 onwards)

Thanks again for your info, will go and have a look.