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Best way to boost speed?

Joining in

I signed up to Virgin Media after moving into a new place 3 months ago. The problem is it’s an 80 year old house and while I’m paying for 1gbps and getting it into the router, my PC is upstairs a fair distance away and the power line adapters I’ve bought at best are delivering 65mbps. Out of curiosity I connected a very long CAT8 cable directly to my PC from the router and immediately saw the speed jump to around 160mbps, but this still feels sub par and not ideal as I can’t run a long wired cable like this permanently.

I’ve seen people recommending mesh Wi-Fi, although is there anything else I can realistically do to boost the speed my desktop is getting? I’m not so worried about other devices using the Wi-Fi etc and what speed they get, but I’d like to get the best speed I can to my desktop PC if possible.


Alessandro Volta

If you connected your PC to the VM hub with an ethernet cable, and you are on the 1Gbps service, you should be getting speeds far over 160 Mbps (a guaranteed minimum of 565 Mbps as per VM speed guarantee).

Are you able to test with another device, such as a laptop with gigabit ethernet, plugged in directly next to the hub?

For a long term fix to connect a desktop PC (presumably in a home office type location) you will get best speed and reliability if you get an electrician or data/comms installer to fit a permanent wired connection for you. Often sounds impossible to do for most people but a good installer can usually find a suitable cable route (maybe even going outside or through a loft, under a floor etc.)