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Will upgrading broadband start a new contract?

Joining in

Hey everyone, I’m considering upgrading my broadband speed to 1Gig through the Black Friday deal.


 The main question I have is will this only upgrade my current contract (which ends in June next year) or will it start a new 18 month contract?


When I select the upgrade and look at the payment summary it says ‘New 18 month plan’ but the customer service tells me its just for the rest of my existing plan.



 Any help with this would be much appreciated.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I would be very wary on this.  It does say on the actual website it is a new 18 month plan, despite what CS are saying.?  Can you get it in writing via an email, that they will NOT impose a new contract for this upgrade?

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Regardless of Customer Services a "New 18 month plan" will result in a "New 18 month contract"

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It will be an 18 month minimum term. The price will also be about £46 every month from April. 

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Thank you for your reply, the funny thing is I actually want it to extend my contract another 18 months. I’m happy to pay a bit of an increase to get a new 18 month contract at faster speeds.

 If it’s just going to change the speed for the remainder of my current contract, I probably won’t go for it.

 Either way, it always feels like a struggle to get clarity when I call customer services. They try to offer me more expensive deals than the ones I get online.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Black Friday Deals are for new customers only (clearly stated on their website).  So you are down to negotiating with the upgrades team

You will never get the best online prices that are for new customers as you are locked in with them on your contract.

Or wait until your contract is about to expire when you are in a more favourable position


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Hi there been a VM customer for more years than I care to remember... same boat as you ... thinking of upgrade but seeing what you see here makes me pull up the reins and say " WHOA " neddy ..and wait till the expiry or near expiry of the current contract... before liason with on said upgrade ... but if you wish to divulge what you did that would be intresting and if so how costs etc ... my parting shot is that in front of my home Openreach have installed fibre services .. so all that entails and all ISP,s or most of the decent ones are plying for my custom at the moment with mouth watering deals for me cutting my costs drastically ... but hey ho VM have upped their game a bit with a great service and hardly any outages  ...missus likes the landline so we carry onward with VM for a while ... just sayin 😊