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Wifi failing

On our wavelength

Our wifi is constantly dropping out we have a booster that does nothing and when I use the app to check connections, it says everything is wonderful.  If we close the patio doors to our extention we ge no service at all.  Any ideas how to improve this?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi niffniff,

Thank you for you post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your WiFi. 

Is it just the extension where you aren't getting service?


On our wavelength

No,  upstairs in office or in my kitchen is really intermittent. The boosters sits in my office and does nothing


It is not a Wi-Fi booster - it is a Wi-Fi Repeater and to work it must be installed in place where there is a decent signal from the VM Hub.

The classic mistake is when a Wi-Fi Repeater is installed in a dead coverage zone it will not be able to work and it may proceed to create a large area where kit connects to the Wi-Fi Repeater but can not access the internet.