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Wifi Pod Capping my speed at 450mbps

Tuning in

I'm using 1gig broadband and I have a wifi pod upstairs, my router is directly underneath my room downstairs and since I plugged in the wifi pod it is capping my speed at 450mbps 

The signal is strong according to the virgin media app to the hub and I have a very strong wifi signal regardless but I need ethernet in my room

Any ideas as to why my speeds are being capped at 450mbps?




Super solver

It might be the location of the pod which is at issue. VM guidance follows:

  • Place the WiFi Pods within 6 to 9 metres from the Hub, and no more than one floor or two rooms away.
  • Plug the WiFi Pod into a power socket in your home where your devices tend to get a good signal. The WiFi Pod needs good WiFi itself in order to spread the signal further.
  • To help the Hub's and WiFi Pods's signal, keep them out in the open and not in a cabinet or behind furniture.
  • Place both the Hub and WiFi Pod at least one metre away from objects such as TVs and wireless speakers, as they can interfere with the WiFi signal.
  • Make sure the Hub's upright, with the front lights facing into the room.
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Two very practical reasons ...

1) The White VM Pods are Wi-Fi 5 i.e. 802.11 AC so 450Mb/s would be very decent.

2) VM Pods white or black are just Wireless Repeaters, Wi-Fi is half duplex so each Repeater hop has a very hefty speed overhead.

If it happens to be a Game Console / Game PC that is on the end on this link, be more concerned with the Latency and Jitter that have been magnified by using WI-Fi and a Wi-Fi Repeater.

Alessandro Volta

Is this one of the white pods, or the newer black one? 

When I had a white pod on test I found the extended speed was limited to half the Hub speed, which I put down to its method of operation. Perhaps others have different experience. 

- jpeg1
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