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WiFi keeps dropping out

On our wavelength

This past five days we’ve experienced issues with our WiFi dropping out. It’s happening about every 30 minutes.  I have turned off hub/router. Have turned off devices , tried all suggested checks etc and still having issues.  We had no problem whatsoever until a few days ago.  It’s both annoying and frustrating. Could be in middle of something and get the dreaded you are no longer connected to Internet.  Any hints or tips appreciated but not too technical please.  I’m not tech savvy unfortunately.  Many thanks. 


On our wavelength

Returning back to my issues with the WiFi dropping out. It's still happening constantly on mobile phones and laptop.

Can someone tell me/confirm that the cable running from the street to the house is exclusive to Virgin (coaxial?) and if so, I that means if I decide to switch to, for example, BT (Full Fibre) I would then need a new connection put in?

I don't currently have any other cable entering the property.






Yes its coaxial cable. So if you do switch itll need a new cable.

I have the same issue and ended buying a new router and putting the virgin one into modem mode.

Currently battling Virgin to pay for the new router as theirs is useless!

All the best

Thanks Nathan.

I've obviously read your issues and how you've had to resolve it yourself. It's a shocker that Virgin won't reimburse you for the router. They may have the fastest speeds but customer service is absolutely awful.

I'm sure I'll get the usual reponse about sending an engineer out now.

Loyalty also seems non existent. I have just been informed the price is going up by £7 taking it up to £56.25 a month, but a new customer can get the same for at least half that.



I agree Stu,

We've only had the broadband. 

As soon as the contracts up were moving if it isnt sorted (I bet any money they'll pay for the router when I put my notice ib to leave!)


Yep, of course they will lol.

Good luck.



Hey Stumac62, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some connection issues.

I have taken a look at our side and I can't see any major issues.

We don't guarantee a fault free service but please could you set a BQM up and post the results here. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Good morning Matt. Thanks for your response on 1st February.

I am leaving Virgin. The price hike has tipped me over the edge.

I now have access to full fibre from others providers and can get a much better deal. £27 less per month for 4 x speed.

Although, in the end all of the providers are the same with the way they treat their existing customers.

I will shop around every 2 years.

I had been completely satisifed with my Virgin Media set up for 3.5 years. I didn't have to even think about it, it just worked.

Then when the free 'upgrade' came in during 2022 the WiFi has been dreadful.






Hi Stumac62,

Thank you for reaching back out, we are sorry to hear you have decided to leave after 3.5 years, we wish you all the luck with your new provider.



On our wavelength

Wow! Just when I thought I'd solved my problem by simply switching provider. . . .

I find that trying to get Virgin to acknowledge my requested disconnection date is an absolute joke!

Phoned them last night, transferred to retentions and the person at the other end could not hear me, mmmmm, strange I thought, so had another go. This time I tried the texting route. That started at 8.30pm last night.

Obviously I had to sleep so at 7.58am this morning Virgin restarted the texting malarky. Guess what folks, I am still waiting on them responding to my last message. It's now 11.38am.

It all just confirms I am making the right decision to leave.

It is farcical.

I am now going to cancel the direct debit.

Good luck to anyone else attempting to leave!


On our wavelength

Hey John.  If I were to adopt your suggestion of buying "your own wireless solution" what spec should I go for, if I want to beat the performance of a Virgin Hub 3?