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WiFi Pod Signal Suddenly Weakened

Dialled in

For the last couple of days, my WiFi pod signal is showing as only “Fair”, despite me not having moved it or done anything different with either the Hub or Pod.

I’ve tried plugging it in other sockets, rebooted it, rebooted the Hub etc. Nothing seems to be working. I only usually switch it on about mid-afternoon and then switch it off before going to bed at night, mainly to save energy.

Can anybody help me, please?


Dialled in

I should also note that when doing the Equipment Test on the “My Virgin Media” app, it keeps saying my Hub needs resetting. However, I’ve now done this several times and it still hasn’t sorted the problem with either my Hub or my Pod. Additionally, while resetting the Hub, the light flashes yellow and blue frantically for almost a minute before returning to white.

Hi there @JohnWMentor 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your service, I have checked and I can see there is a Signal to Noise Ratio currently in your area which is due to resolve May 17 at 9am. We are so sorry for any issues that this has caused but we can assure you that the teams are doing all they can to resolve this for you and everyone effected. 

Thanks for responding to this. I had noticed there was a different problem, both showing on the Service Status page and causing my Hub to flash red for several minutes yesterday. But, I thought that had been resolved. Obviously, my Pod is still showing as “Fair”, so the problem still remains. I had hoped it’d be fixed earlier than the 17th, but thanks for the estimate. I sincerely hope it gets resolved after then.