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Virgin email on Windows 403 forbidden

Joining in

Just recently when i try and access my emails on either of my windows laptops i only get the message 403 Forbidden, any ideas as to why sand how to access my emails please?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello David112


Sorry to hear of the email access issues experienced, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Can you confirm if you're able to access the email address via any applications? Do you get the same error on another browser? Does clearing the cookies and cache for the browser help resolve the issue?



Joining in

Seems to work on Outlook OK but not via the Virgin email app and dont know how to clear cookies and the cache

Hey @David112,

Thanks for clarifying, with the app you are stating can you confirm if this is via the website or where? With the cookies/cache, this can vary depending on browser, you can Google how to do this and it will show you.