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Virgin Media incapable of solving problems with WiFi Poda

Joining in

Almost 2 months ago the Virgin telecoms network in RG22 went down locally and I lost both WiFi and phone services. Hub then needed replacement. After setting up this myself 3 pods did not work. Virgin are incapable of sending 3 at a time so I have to talk to Virgin for an hour, wait in for the delivery and then install separately. After several weeks got 2 pods working. When I received the final pod it did not connect and when Virgin tried to resolve all 3 pods stopped working again. 
More than a month later I am back where I started and Virgin say they will send an another replacement., though this could take another six days. So at least 18 days and another 3 phone calls to Virgin at about an hour a time. I have already contacted them about 10 times.

any suggestions. Frustrated!!!



Often VM issue a new Hub and fail to re-pair the customer's existing VM Pods to it.

If this is again the case ...

Call the activation number 0800 953 9500, request the VM Pods are paired to the replacement Hub. For the call have to hand your VM a/c number, the full details from the Hub’s sticker and ALL the VM Pods.