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Virgin Media Business Hitron Chita Resetting

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Hi.  I know I will probably be told fairly shortly this forum is only for residential but I know there are a few fairly knowledge folks around the forum and there isn't a VMB forum to turn to so thought worth a shot.

Anyone had experience with the new Hitron Chita router that VM Business supply? I have been called out to relatives a number of times to help. They have had VMB for a few years but since they were forced to change to this new router (VMB required it when going to VOIP) there have been a lot of issues.

Three times I have been out and I couldn't see their WiFi SSIDs and after looking at it the router had factory reset itself. I assumed the first time maybe a firmware update went wrong but to have it happen 3 times is not a good sign. There have also been numerous cases of it just dropping WAN connection which can only be sorted via a reboot of the router.

Eventually got VMB to send an engineer who hadn't heard of the issue before but swapped the router over for a new one anyway. He also checked the signal over the coax and said it all reported fine. A week later I got a call saying the internet was down again. I looked into it and again the Hitron Chita has reset the SSIDs and Wi-Fi passwords back to defaults. VMB service was fine and anything wired in with ethernet was working fine. So again looked like a factory reset of the Hitron Chita.

The engineer did leave me his details so I got back in touch and he was baffled by the issue as everything seems ok. He said it would be a call to VMB. Called tech support but the person had limited tech knowledge and I don't think really understood the fault. I was told it was being referred to "second level" and they may need to send an engineer out again.

I did have a look in the router logs but I didn't take a copy of them at the time. To be honest on DOCIS modems not too sure what all the entries refer to. There one or 2 showing as "critical" referencing a config file being rejected TLV11 and also entries for mismatch between calculated value and Commanded power exceeds calculated value.

On the router that got swapped out I think I remember similar entries but as I say I am not that clued up on DOCSIS stuff. I am assuming none of them are good and it is some sort of account issue?



Note Business Accounts do have an SLA level if there is a fault.

The questions look quite generic and we share the same network service.

The VM domestic HUBs also have some instances of resetting the SSID to the factory option

Regardless of what VM may say, a domestic Hub needs a full 60 press of RESET and then to be left to factory reset / restart.

If you copy and paste the text of the Upstream & Downstream stats we can have a look at the service status issues like Power / SNR / Modulation modes.

Also for local network issues call : 0800 561 0061 - it is an automated service.

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Thanks.  I will try and get a copy of Upstream and Downstream stats to post.  Just to clarify the issue is the router is factory resetting itself on its own not via pressing the reset button.  It will just randomly reboot every so often and when it comes back on its back at factory defaults.  I also checked the firmware and its the same when it comes back on so its not doing a FW update although I would not expect that to factory reset/wipe the SSIDs back to default.  This is also the second Hitron Chita installed doing the same thing so I am assuming it is some sort of account issue or fault on the network as opposed to the router itself.

Such frustration as equally common with the residential Hubs causing folks to add their own Router or WiFi Access Points.

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That would have been my plan but when you put the Hitron Chita in modem mode it disables the phone line.  I think the residential modems can be set to modem mode and maintain phone service but the Hitrons seems to work differently in this regard.

Correct the residential Hub does operate a telephone in Router and Modem mode & have quite a bad issue with accepting Direct IP(SPIT) calls.

One could operate the Hitron in Router mode parked in the default SSID and add a basic WiFi AP offering the preferred SSID/Password.

We have a Residential HUB 3 here in Router mode + a couple of TP-LINK access points it works fine.


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Very Insightful Person

Hi @Bemak187 

There's a similar thread <<< here >>> 

The problem was fixed when the VM technician installed an attenuator. (message 24 page 3)

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Was actually thinking about a wireless access point as a solution earlier as well.

I would need to check but I think there is a 10db attenuator already fitted. The engineer who came out said all the levels were fine. I don’t have ready access to the router to get a note of the stats. Trying to see if they can be sent over to me so I can post them.

Hi Bemak187, thanks for posting.

As your issue is linked to Virgin Media Business, we would not be able to offer any support as staff members.  And we'd need to leave you in the hands of your fantastic fellow community members.  As I am sure you're aware, all our contact options for Virgin Media Business, can be located here.  There's also an option for the business complaints form at the bottom. The very best of luck to you.



On our wavelength

I spoke with VMB again, the "tech" on the phone really doesn't even understand the issue and just wanted to send another engineer to replace it again.  Engineer already told me there was nothing else that could be done at his end.  I ended up just disabling WiFi on the Hitron and went down the wireless AP route, so far everything has been ok.  Will keep an eye on it.