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Upgrade query



If I upgrade from a 500mb to a 1gb internet connection do I get supplied with new a modem/router and wi fi pods?

I presently have a Hub 3 modem/router and 3 white wi fi pods

Thanks in advance for any information supplied




1) You would be supplied a replacement VM Hub 4 or 5.

2) The 3 current pods are retained and re-paired with the replacement Hub.

If re-pairing is not done automatically, call the Activation team on 0800 953 9500
request the 3 pods are re-paired to the new Hub & you will be back in business.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @johnasimmons 👋

Welcome back to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I can see one of our members has provided the info you require but if you need any further help, let us know 😊

Forum Team

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I was under the belief that you would need new (black) pods for the faster speed as well as a new Hub 4 or 5 modem/router or am I incorrect?


A mistaken belief.

M500 is about 100 times the speed needed for a Full HD Netflx film. Will Gig 1 make any difference ?

If you need a pod jonasimmons, we would be happy to send you one for sure.

It doesn't matter what colour pod you get, we can't guarantee which one you would get. 

I can my colleague has helped you though.

Pods are also free on 1GB or Volt packages otherwise they are £8 per month.

Matt - Forum Team

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