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T3 Noise Issues (again)

On our wavelength

Hi. Simply gonna link previous threads of us having the same issue as it's once again back. Exact same thing. I've given it nearly a week to stabilise but more days than not, T3 timeouts are occurring once again. Our entire line from cab to router is less than a year old due to an RG11 (mentioned in the threads) and new lines + splitters from router to box. Highly doubt it's a problem with us specifically. Fault line and service page not reporting any issues thus far.

I also need an engineer pronto to also fix power levels since it seems network have recently done something that's put them out of balance, along with a reportedly faulty firmware update(?). If we have the 6dB attenuator in the back of the hub5 then Upstream is slightly too high (around 50dB) and Downstream 3.0 is fine (+3-4dB) but 3.1 PLC is bordering on too low (-5dB sometimes). Without it however, we're in spec on 3.1 and Upstream but 3.0 Downstream channels are bordering on too high (+9-10dB). I've currently left it out to make sure Upstream noise is not amplified by being out of spec. No change, however. This is not the cause of the noise issues (as proven by all 3 occasions below) but probably isn't helping. That way I can talk to them about this issue more in-depth too.

Not amused, VM. 3rd time we've had prolonged issues with this in less than 2 years. Can put up with a bad day or 2, it happens. Not your fault. Sadly it's never just that. It's potentially weeks every time without a solution which ends up boiling down to a network issue or 3 being eventually found and fixed.


Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @SerenayaXIV Thanks for reaching out to us on here. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the connection you've had recently.
I've had a look and I can see there are some drops on the line but this is not a significant amount shown on our end.

The drops shows that they are very minimal with very minimal effect - however this doesn't mean that these are the same effects on your end.
Does the service light on the VM hub change colour or drop out when these occurrences happen?

Let us know and we can assist from there. 🧾

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Tuning in

I wish my graphics where that good.. but I have same issues and no help