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Super hub 2, no ethernet and wifi flaky

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Internet has been slow for a couple of days,  particularly adely before connecting to a site but now the ethernet has stopped completely. I use a desktop for work so this is a real problem! I'm trying to work on a tablet but it's not great. 

The wifi more or less OK most of the time but just seems to stop periodically and only  the 5 Ghz band works which is annoying as I have a very old wifi dongle but only 2.4Ghz.

I went through the VM help pages and have reset the hub several times, turned it off and on and checked all the connections.




Joining in

Forgot to mention that in VM online help tested the hub and said to reset,  but that didn't work .


Alessandro Volta

You need a new hub unless their is a problem in your area


Thanks for replying, there's not a problem in the area,  so I guess I need a  new  hub.

Is there a straightforward way to request one?


Hi Matt

Thanks for your post - sorry to hear that you've been having issues with your broadband connection.

I've had a look from this side and can see there's a few issues with your signals which will need ironing out through an engineer visit. So it looks like the Hub may not be the issue, however I will ask if the engineer can swap out your Hub too to a more modern model. 

I've dropped you a PM so I can take your account details and book in a visit for you.