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Stand Alone ONT

Up to speed

With the advent of FTTP on Virgin's network I was wondering if there's any chance we can nominate to have a stand alone ONT installed rather than a Hub5x. I realise the hub 5X has the ONT built in (sort of). But it would be great not to have to put the 5x into modem mode, when modem mode is finally supported as I a standalone ONT coupled with end user's own router would surely use less energy than two routers, albeit one in modem mode. Anyway, maybe I'm being too logical about this, I realise having two separate install models would potentially cause greater cost to VM, as in having to have two sets of inventory. That said, if, once the FTTP upgrade of their DOCSIS network is complete and they do start offering wholesale across both Nexfibre and the upgraded legacy network, surely they will end up having to go down the ONT route anyway to allow for wholesale customers' routers, I am making an assumption that wholesale customers will want to, as far as possible, use the same consumer units on Virgin's wholesale network as they do on Openreach et. al. 

Apologies for the rambling stream of consciousness I hope you can follow my logic. Also, I realise I am talking in open ended timescales but, one would hope VM have at least some of the business planning team thinking about these things. 

It’s always best to be positive but we all have crappy days.

VM Hub5 on Gig1, Etc etc

My Broadband Ping - Virgin Media Gig1

Building on this a bit more Nexfibre basically build a permanent circuit for each subscriber to their ISP and as long as the mapping of ONT to end user and, hence, ISP is correct it'll be fine. 

They may use a variety of mechanisms to authenticate an ONT, any combination of 1 or 2 of serial number, password, LOID logical identifier. May also be a check code used in addition to LOID.

The OLT will also want a vendor ID from the ONT as part of it coming online, and can read various parameters via OMCI. 

On top of that there is an OMCI-based mutual authentication mechanism and 802.1x mutual authentication.

The encryption is bidirectional, the OLT sends the ONT a request once it's authorised it, ONT generates and sends key.

@handsomeinked I'm not actually sure if your question was answered here.

I reckon if you use a Nokia ONT and copy the serial number from the VM hub it might well work but can't experiment: the Nexfibre network in my area isn't live yet and when it does go live I'll be looking for another option than Virgin Media for obvious reasons. If I could get a hold of a Hub5x I could probably do some testing too but don't have any prospect of having any time soon.

Cue people piling in to say how that could cause the end of the world because still think PON is the same as cable or, in the case of one, that wholesale means Nexfibre are going to lease their, VM's and Openreach's ducts.

If you need some more guidance on using your own SFP+ module in a router or switch good info at and the Discord server in the thread at