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Slow ethernet speed

Joining in

Got the gig 1 package with the virgin hub 5, get around 800 mbps over wifi so all is well there but on my desktop I can manage at best 330mbps, I've went through guides everywhere, putting on latest drivers, putting on basic drivers, changing mtu sizes and settings for 1gb duplex etc, my desktop is on a 1300mps powerline adapter from tp link, I've tried the desktop plugged straight in to the router too to rule out the powerline adapter being at fault despite the poweline adapter telling me it's got a connection of over 900mps between, tried my laptop and on the WiFi that can hit around 700 but on ethernet it can also only reach 320 mbps, I've tried every port on the hub 5, I have installed windows 11 and I am still not getting any better than 320mbps, so unless every ethernet port on the hub 5 is faulty I am at a loss as what to do 


Alessandro Volta

Any testing you do should be with the device connected direct to the VM hub.

What specification is the network cable you are using to connect with? Have you tried a different network cable from device to hub?

If you start the device in safe mode with networking do you get any different/better speed?

When you are testing, have you disabled any onboard wireless adapters on your devices so you are definitely testing via ethernet only?

Do you have any VPN connections off when testing?

Done all that and have used cate 5e, cat 6 and a new cat 8 cable, has been tested with out any wifi adapters and pure ethernet only 

And you got the same results in safe mode with networking?

Same results in safe mode with networking yes 

Alessandro Volta

test with Edge

 powerline adapters will limit you


Tried with chrome, mozzilla, edge and steam, all consistant 


330Mb/s over a TP-Link Powerline adaptor is quite decent.

AV1300 does not imply 1300Mb/s of throughput, the reality is throughput will be barely 1/3 of the actual link rate. 

Use the TP-LINK Utility program to see the link rate, then divide by 3 to get a rough guide of what may be expected as bandwidth at the PC.    

Reversing my figures, the link rate could be around 900, which is excellent for an AV1300 device that has to work on ring circuit power lines with noise from TVs, PCs, mobile chargers, laundry equipment etc etc.

It is a decent powerline adapter and the circuitry is good in this house, the app for the powerline adapter says its connection between the two is around 900 which is what I expected, I wouldn't mind at all if I was getting at least 700mbps but maxing out at 320 is bothering me 


700 * 3 = 2100.  

Can you buy a Powerline adaptor to link at that rate in a real home ?
I do not think so