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Slow device speed

Joining in

In the last 2 weeks, our WiFi speed has been painfully slow.

We are subscribed to the M500 package, but all our devices are only receiving 20mpbs download speeds.

When checking internet the real internet speed on SamKnows, it looks like our Virgin Media Hub 3 is receiving download speeds of 500mpbs, but all our devices are only receiving 20mpbs. This is even when the device is literally 1ft away from the hub. 

We haven't introduced any new devices, or changed the layout of our home in any way shape or form over the last 2 weeks. We're struggling to see how our devices can have such slow speeds despite them being pressed up against the hub !

Has anyone had similar problems ? 




Check the Hub 3 has the 5GHz Wi-Fi band enabled and operating.

Still no change. 5GHz is enabled, and I even disabled 2.4GHz to ensure the Hub 3 is only using the 5GHz channel. I re-ran a speed test, and I'm getting the same result. 500mbp download speed for the router, but 50mbp speed on the device even though it's 1ft away from the router 


Speed test the service to a Router mode Hub(3/4/5) + your device with the link below.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

The speed at the Hub should reflect your subscription.
The speed any WiFi device draws data at is limited by its data needs and technical abilities.