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Router Relocation

Tuning in


My router is currently located adjacent to my TV (downstairs in the corner of the living room). It’s been there since first install around 12 years ago and at the time was considered the best place. Now that our Wi-Fi needs have evolved throughout the house including upstairs (consoles/fire sticks ets) I don’t think that this location is the most optimum as a couple of rooms upstairs struggle with signal.

I would like some advice on whether moving the router to a more central location would be best or introducing Wi-Fi pods throughout or both, and in turn how best to get this organised and undertaken.

Many thanks.


Good morning, 

I'd also like to relocate my router, how can I arrange this please?

Many thanks


please wait for one of the team or u cal call them or whatapp them to 

Hello Laurr456.

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our community.

We can see from here that you have already been able to book the relocation in.

Can you please let us know how this goes and if you encounter any issues with the connection afterwards.


Joining in


I would like to to relocate my router to another room. Can I book a technician for this?

Thank you

Hey @Kev10121 Thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums! 👋🏼

We can without a doubt assist with the router relocation. 😇
Please note that there is a £25 call out charge for this.

I will send a private message to further assist. ✉

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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