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Retrospective broadband service status?

On our wavelength

Is there anywhere I can see whether there have been interuptions to VM FTTP connection in the last 24-48 hours? On the evening of 18 / 19 May, the service went down from just after midnight to about 11am the next day. I only found the issue was affecting a number of Post Codes in my area by chatting to a neighbour.

Today, Ive had 2 outages, first was again from midnight this morning until about 10 am. Then after being up for an hour, the service went down again!

Clearly I cannot use VM internet to see the service status during those outages and have to use mobile internet. But each time, when accessing the VM status page for my post code it said no reported problems when clearly there were!

I cannot find anything on VM that confirms if broadband was down AFTER the event has been 'fixed.' I managed to speak to someone at VM but they were incredibly hard to understand and all they said was 'it's fixed.' But I dont know if that was in reference to the 18 \ 19 May outage or the ones today! Anyone?


Alessandro Volta

Set up your own BQM which will track your connection 24/7 and give you a history for any future outages

The VM service status page seems to report events affecting many users. The automated service status number 0800 561 0061 may report more localised issues.

I am not aware of any means you can track past VM outages