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Red/Orange light on Hub 3

Joining in

I am existing customer, I changed my package a few weeks ago (16th May) which disconnected my landline (i don't use it) so broadband only. Since then the light on my hub 3 went from dim yellow to steady orange, then over the past few days solid red.

1) Hub is in on top of my PC desk and not hot, well ventilated and not in direct sunlight.

2) Every time i run a test on the virgin website i get stuck in this loop of "looks like we need to reset your hub" which fails after 2m.

3) Yesterday I factory reset the hub 3 times, i mean hard reset using pen to keep pin depressed 3 times.Once for 10 seconds, nothing changed, i held reset again this time for 30s, nothing changed, held reset again this time for 60s, nothing changed. I then unplugged the hub for 10m and then restarted it, no change.

4) woke up this morning and light has gone back to steady orange, not the dim yellow it was a few weeks ago before the changes. Again I ran tests from the virgin site and get one of two messages "you have an intermittent signal problem" and the "looks like we need to reset your hub" which fails after 2m and i get stuck in these endless loops.

My internet seems fine to me, i use Ethernet , not WiFi. The only connections to the hub are the power, the virgin coax cable and 2 cat6 Ethernet cables, 1 to PC and 1 to my TV for Netflix) I have no idea if my hub is waiting for an update (due to the new package, but that should have been done by now?), or if there is something wrong with the hub that then causes the virgin media site test to make it think like there is a fault or if the sensor inside the hub is not working as it should - I have had the hub for 10+ years.

I must admit it is frustrating enough when you get caught in these "did this help" and i click no and it simply takes me back to the start page to try the exact same steps over and over again but when it is an actual tech/media company site that is doing this it does not inspire confidence.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If your Internet is working fine I wouldn't worry about what shade of yellow the LED is

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I guess, but the shade of yellow is  more of a dark orange and more closer to the solid red than yellow, also does not explain why is the virgin site giving me those "you have an intermittent signal..." error and the " looks like we need to reset your hub" errors every time i run a test ?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi BrianXY,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

If there's a red light on the hub, this is something we'd usually arrange an engineer for this. So I can get a few more details from you I've popped you over a private message.


Many thanks Alex, i have responded to your pm, however an engineer arrived last night and replaced the hub.