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Problems in EH10 Edinburgh area 11 - outages

Tuning in

I've been with virgin for 2 months. I have never ever experienced such a poor ISP in my life.

I have had outages almost DAILY. Each time.i call I'm informed there is complicated/complex issue being investigated. When I call, I've asked about the constant outages and no one can give me an answer. It apears the infrastructure is at fault in my opinion, as what else would cause this.

Please can someone from virgin explain to me what is going on before I take to X



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When is this actually going to get fixed - that's 6 weeks now....that's entirely unacceptable, especially as we are being billed full price for this, oh and not forgetting bill price just went up. Not being able to connect to VPN to work from home means increased costs in terms of finding a workspace to use elsewhere!

So again, I ask - when is this going to be fixed (and not just for a few hours one random day a week) and the hundreds (thousands?) of affected users in EH10 are recompensed for loss of services, and earnings!


Unfortunately earnings doesn't come into it. Working from home and using virgin as a business is not within the terms of your contract. So there is 0 argument or entitlement there I'm afraid. However, for the fact that the internet is not working as it should be, there should be automatic compensation done to the bill. Unsure if we need to do something to trigger it though, but this is getting really bloody annoying at this point. My graph below shows the issues.

My Broadband Ping - EH10

Alessandro Volta

Just to say that a VM business line uses the same infrastructure and would suffer in the same way as a residential user.  The business Broadband SLA is very weak.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

Alessandro Volta

Doesn't Openreach provide FTTP yet in EH10? 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Dialled in


Apppppaaarently.... This is FIXED again....See how long this one lasts.


My Broadband Ping - EH10

Thanks for the update @Conroy1988, do please feel free to keep us in the loop and we can take a closer look at any faults that are not connected to any outages and will do all we can to help where possible.